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Do you need help understanding your career options and assistance on how to get a job you will enjoy?

We can help you:

  • - Understand Your Strengths

  • - Review Your Career Options

  • - Improve Your CV/Resume & Interview Technique

  • - Apply For Jobs That Fit You

Sometimes careers guidance can be like going into a restaurant, and as as soon as you sit down the waitstaff asks you want you want to eat!

What we actually need is a menu so we know what the options are.

What We Do For You

Our quick 5 minute and 45 question career assessment measures your personality traits and helps you to understand your unique combination of strengths and how these apply in the world of work.

We help you to understand your strengths and how your unique combination of strengths match different types of jobs and help you explore different career paths with access to national career resources to help you understand your choices and options better.

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How It Works

Helping You To Understand Your "Job Fit" & Career Options

Using our Big 5 Personality Assessment, we can help you to understand your strengths in six key career areas. We can then determine which jobs you are a potentially good match for based on your unique combination of strengths. We then analyse and collate a range careers data for you to explore and make your own job and career decisions from.

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What You Get

Free Package

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Its free-of-charge to take the assessment, create your own account and get started! You'll get access to the following free-of-charge:

Personal Strengths Report
Get a free summary report of your unique combination of career-based strengths.
Top 3 Career Matches
Get your top 3 career matches based on our unique "Job Fit" technology.
Top 3 Best Paying Careers
Find out what your earning potential might be for your best fitting career option.
Free Career Resources
Get access to our "Swipe" file with useful hints and tips to assist your job search.
Job Search Tools
Use our free job match and email alert tools to search for and apply for jobs.
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Premium Package

$34.99 - Exclusively via Me in 3

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Premium Strengths Report
Get the full report of your unique combination of career-based strengths.
Entire Menu Of Career Matches
Get all of your top career matches with accompanying earnings potential data.
Career Paths Tool
Access the career paths tool to explore career options and paths in detail.
Additional Personal Development Reports
Get personalized career improvement tips and links to online courses.
Interview Tips Report
Know what questions to ask your prospective employer to ensure the job's a fit for you.
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